Features and Advantages

  • Suitable for sanitary applications - Designed especially for the food industry.
  • No moving parts - No maintenance.
  • Volumetric measurement in m3, litres, U.S. gallons etc.
  • Robust and compact design - Easy to mount, even in difficult applications.
  • Factory configured to suit customer requirements - Makes installation easy and saves time and money.
  • Constructed to be independent of variations in flow profile - High accuracy, even if the viscosity or the liquid changes. Change between different media, such as milk, cream, and liquids containing solids without any need for recalibration.
  • Optimised for high accuracy and linearity. Using the linearising function, it is possible to measure within a 1:100 turn down range. Therefore the meter can normally be chosen to have the same size as the diameter of the pipe work, and the cost of installation and any pressure drop can be minimised.
  • Pulse and 4-20 mA outputs.
  • Batch control function.
  • Built-in PI flow controller.
  • Two built-in counters for totalising the volume flow.
  • P-NET and PROFIBUS DP fieldbus communication interface (IEC 61158).
  • Simple display connection. (PD 210).
  • Inputs for temperature sensor and digital signal.


1 Versatility
2 Local Monitoring and Control
3 Fieldbus integration
4 Wide Flow Range and Turndown