One reason for its evolved popularity is because the transmitter offers such a wide versatility of usage. In its simplest form, it can act purely as a standalone flow transducer producing volumetric pulses or a 4-20 mA flow rate signal.
However, as standard, it can also be utilised as a complete batch controller and even act as a limit switch for a number of direct or derived local measurements. Its versatility extends, with the use of its inbuilt PI controller, to form a flow control loop, where a rate valve is accurately controlled to a given flow-rate setpoint.
Apart from the digital input, utilised perhaps for local start of batch or for inhibiting totalisation when air is present, a second 4-wire Pt100 input provides the means of attaching a temperature probe. The integration of temperature measurement and flowrate can provide a standardised measurement of water based products where the product temperature may vary.