Wide Flow Range and Turndown

The PD 340 flow transmitter series consists of 6 meter sizes, with maximum flow rates from 8,000 litres/h up to 200,000 litres/h (or equivalent in any other engineering unit). Apart from the largest model, in which the electronics and the meter body forms one integrated unit, each transmitter consists of three parts. The ‘electronics’ module and the ‘terminal’ modules are common and interchangeable between all meter bodies. This is a great advantage in terms of reducing stock inventory for both distribution and maintenance situations.

Each flowmeter within the range is capable of providing repeatable and accurate flowrate measurement over the range 1 - 100 % of max flow (100:1 turndown). One reason for this impressive range is due to the unique design of the pipe topography, which forms a square section, together with the positioning of the sensing electrodes. This ensures a consistent flow and measurement profile, where either transitory changes of viscosity during batch measurement, or a complete change of product, does not affect measurement accuracy.