Revolutionary design

When PROCES-DATA released the first generation of the PD 340 Flow Transmitter in the early eighties, it was nothing but a revolution on the sanitary flowmeter marketplace.

Before PD 340, mechanical flowmeters, developed for non-hygienic applications, were commonly used to measure the flow of milk, beer, wine,  and other liquids in the food industry. They were difficult to clean, a lot of maintenance was required to keep them in operation, and their life time was short.

The PD 340 was the first flowmeter with no moving parts, developed especially with sanitary applications in dairies, breweries, and other food industry in mind. Due to its unique, square-tube design, the PD 340 was, and still is, the only meter on the market, which can be calibrated on water, and still maintain its high precision, even when measuring liquids with a different viscosity, without the need for being recalibrated on the actual liquid.

Furthermore, the compact design, with metering head, electronics and terminal box for wiring connection in one integrated unit, makes installation fast and easy. Read more about the construction and the operating principles here.

The PD 340 is used in a variety of process applications within the food industry, such as in dairies, breweries, or fish processing industry, as well as on mobile tankers for collecting or distributing milk, beer, wine, or animal feed, where the PD 340 is the core component in approved metering systems.