High precision sanitary flow transmitter


PD 340 Flow Transmitter

The PD 340 Flow Transmitter from PROCES-DATA is an electromagnetic precision meter for the volumetric measurement of liquids that are electrically conductive. The transmitter can be used in applications where a hygienic design is required.

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Profibus Flow transmitter

PD 340 Profibus Flow Transmitter










The PD 340 flow transmitter with Profibus DP fieldbus interface makes measuring flow and volume as simple as measuring a temperature. All data from the device is transferred to the PLC via Profibus DP. No analogue inputs or high speed counters are needed.

The PD 385 Profibus interface module is universal for all PD 340 meter sizes, ranging from C 25 to C 102 (1” to 4”). The PD 385 can be used with any extended version PD 340, whether it is new or old.

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PROCES-DATA, established in 1979, and located in Silkeborg, Denmark, is the company behind the PD 340 flow transmitters.

Besides being a specialist in sanitary flowmetering technology, PROCES-DATA also develops and manufactures a broad range of electronic control equipment and software for industrial automation.



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We have a network of distributors covering litterally all parts of the world. Some of our distributors are companies operating primarily in their local area, while others operate worldwide.

You may submit your order or your request for quotation either to one of our distributors in your region, or via our webshop. The list of distributors and the webshop can be found in the Ordering menu.



Large flowrates

 PD 340 C102

With the introduction of the C 102 (4") model, the PD 340 family of hygienic flowmeters is now able to measure flow rates up to 200 m3/h. 
The meterhead and the electronics form one integrated unit, wrapped in a stainless steel housing, on which the removable terminal box is mounted.


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Display Unit


 PD 210 Display Unit







The PD 210 Display Unit can be used to read out process variables from a PD 340 Flow Transmitter, as well as for configuration.

It can be mounted directly on the flow transmitter, or in a control panel.


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