Meter selection guidelines

When selecting the meter size please observe the following guidelines:

  • As a main rule, a Flow Transmitter with a pipe dimension equal to the rest of the piping system should be selected.
  • Never exceed the maximum flow rate of the transmitter (see below).
  • If optimum measurement accuracy is primary concern, the smallest possible transmitter should be chosen, still observing that the maximum flow rate must under no circumstances be exceeded.
  • To further improve accuracy, especially on very low flow rates, the Linearizing function should be enabled.
  • If the chosen metering section is smaller than the pipework in the installation, the connecting pieces should be tapered.

Meter sizes

The PD 340 Flow Transmitters are available in the following 6 sizes:


Max. Flowrate *

C 25
(1") 8 m3/h
C 38
(1½") 20 m3/h
C 51 (2") 40 m3/h
C 63
((2½") 80 m3/h
C 76
(3") 120 m3/h
C 102
(4") 200 m3/h

Quick selection guide

Meter Selection Guide